A house can be many things to different people. For most, it is the hub of their existence in one form or another. Some houses are places of business, others are for when you want to relax and retreat from your working life. Some are a couple's first step onto the property ladder, and others are where a family puts down roots. Many will be a combination of all these things, and need to function as environments where all these things can occur in harmony. In the words of the architect Le Corbusier, “the house is a machine for living in”. But it is a machine in which atmosphere, mood, and tone are as central to its operations as efficiency and functionality. The colours, tones, and vistas that permeate a living space are just as important and contextually sensitive as the underlying structure on which they are based. It's not enough that the paint is neat or durable. It should play to the strengths of the building it's in, so that the colours serve as an integral part of the room.

At Faraday & Kent, we have spent over 30 years house painting in Melbourne. We have also repainted factories, warehouses, retirement villages, high rise buildings, motels, hotels, schools, clubs – you name it, we've done it! But it's from our work painting homes that we have learned the most. House painting in Melbourne has repeatedly taught us one thing: that painting homes requires a methodical, skilled approach, and that paint has the power to undermine or wonderfully enhance the architecture around it. Accordingly, throughout our time painting houses in Melbourne, we have endeavoured to apply ourselves to the task with the appropriate level of effort and skill, but also the appropriate level of understanding and knowledge. In that time we have completed more than 30,000 jobs house painting in Melbourne, as well as many commerical contracts and projects. Throughout, we have emphasised three things: having the right equipment, having the right skill and knowledge, and having the right credentials and business practices.

Our House Painting in Melbourne: The Right Tools and Skills for the Job

Many houses are necessarily built in a generic and formulaic manner, for the simple reason that the interior of a home can be almost as individual and unique as the person occupying it. Accordingly, it is not until someone moves in that the personality of a home can really be defined. Moreover, it's not just a case of picking your favourite colour and grabbing a brush: many of the ways people choose to express themselves require specific equipment in order to achieve the desired effect.

That is why Faraday & Kent have invested in a huge range of paints, equipment, and tools while house painting in Melbourne. The quality of the paints used during a job will greatly affect how that job turns out. Cheaper paints will not look as good or last as long as high end paints, no matter how well or painstakingly they are applied. That is why we at Faraday & Kent only use premium quality paints and materials when house painting in Melbourne, so that the end result looks both professional and premium, both at the time and long after the job is done. It is this attention to detail that has made us so popular for house painting in Melbourne.

Of course, even the finest paint will look shabby if it is not applied correctly, and to apply it correctly you need the right tools. At Faraday & Kent, we know that not all brushes are created equal, and more importantly, that no single brush is equal to every task. We use top quality brushes, which retain filament excellently, which pick up paint well, and which exhibit a reliable and steady release of paint. We also pay special attention to the kind of brush marks they make, and their suitability in terms of drag and precision painting. We also make sure to deploy chiselled brushes when precision is required, e.g. when painting in tight corners. Of course, brushes are only half the story: we also make use of a wide range of rollers and sprays, and we also know how to apply quality textures, coatings and faux finishes. And if you have a specialised coating in mind, or want our advice, we can offer a wide range of other specialised coatings. This is why our house painting in Melbourne is renowned for its quality.

Our House Painting in Melbourne: We're Qualified and Credible

We know that credibility is important, and that when you are trusting someone with your home, you need to know that they are qualified. For that reason, Faraday & Kent are proud to say that we are members of the Master Painters Association. Because our house painting in Melbourne is certified by Australia's most prestigious painting body, the Master Painters Association, you can contact other members of the association, or the association itself, who can guarantee our work.

For House Painting in Melbourne, choose Faraday & Kent!

When you are having your home painted, you need to know that the people you are trusting with the place that is most important to you have the right tools, the right knowledge, and most of all, the right ethos. At Faraday & Kent, we know what tools to use, we know how to use them, and we know that credibility and integrity are of the greatest importance when it comes to the place you call home. So if you're in need of house painting in Melbourne, and want the job done skilfully and reliably, contact Faraday & Kent – house painting in Melbourne you can count on!

Our Work

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P. Gale, Ivanhoe

Your office was most helpful in the arrangements…It’s pleasant to deal with helpful tradespeople and I will pass on my recommendation to others.

P. Gale

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