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Using only the best quality materials and paint, Faraday and Kent has been delivering an excellent standard of service to Melbourne homes for more than 30 years. Specialising in both interior and exterior painting jobs, we are passionate about providing you with the very best results possible.

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Faraday and Kent is about much more than simply delivering a service that our clients are completely satisfied with. We also offer an ongoing maintenance plan, to ensure you keep that look you love.

Programs are specifically tailored to suit each individual home, and can include annual wash downs of kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, touch ups on skirtings, doors, kitchen cupboards and more. You can keep the interior and exterior looking superb with our continued services all year round.

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House Painting

When it comes to house painting a splash of colour goes a long way. Getting a different look for your home is easier than doing heavy duty construction. A facelift is easily achieved by giving your home a new coat of paint. House painting does not need to be hard, the question is, will you do it yourself, or will you get the help of a professional? There are a few things that you will want to consider.

Painting the Interior of your House

With house painting, most people start with the inside of their homes.. This is the part of the house that you see the most, so it is only natural to want to start on the inside, but where do you begin?

Choosing the Colours for your House Painting

Painting the inside of your home is not as simple going out to buy the paint and slapping it onto your walls. For instance, if you have kids you are going to want to paint their rooms a different colour to the rest of the house. The same applies for a themed lounge or themed wall within a room. You will want to choose your colour carefully in your ‘house painting planning’ stage.

The Type of Paint for Different Rooms

You will not want to do the whole inside of your home with the same paint. While this may seem like the easier thing to do, it is not practical. Different rooms are used for different things. Take the kids' room as an example, using paint with a matte finish is not recommended. It is very hard to keep clean.

Kids tend to draw on walls when they are younger, touch the walls with sticky hands as they grow up, and paste things on the walls as they get older, which makes a gloss paint a safe bet in the kids' room. You will want to look at some in the latex/water based range of paints for this. They dry quickly and do not fade easily. Enamel paint is also a good choice for kids’ rooms as it is durable and stain resistant.

The kitchen and bathroom offer similar home improvement nightmares. Food preparation in the kitchen could leave your walls a mess, especially around the stove, and the bathroom walls are wet a lot of the time due to vapour. You will want to cover the walls with a paint that makes it easy to clean and maintain. You may want to consider a good deep coloured oil-based paint for your kitchen, as it is very easy to clean and very durable and long lasting. Your bathroom, on the other hand, will do great with a coat of Vinyl-Acrylic paint.

What about the Ceilings and Skirtings?

While house painting can be as simple as slapping one colour on a wall, there is more to it. Making your home look good is the main reason you have chosen to do the home improvement in the first place. When it comes to ceilings and skirting boards, you will want them to stand out. This means that you will want to make sure that you use different colour paint on both of these items.

Most of the time, in the house painting industry, you will find that people paint their ceilings a lighter colour than the rest of the room. You will also find that the floor skirting boards are the same colour as the ceiling. This is a good way to go, as it gives the room a little more depth and effect. However, if you really want to make your home improvement stand out, you could take it a little further and use a different and lighter colour paint on your crown mouldings. This will make a huge difference to any room.

The type of paint used on your floor skirting needs to have a gloss finish, as this is the part of the wall that will be touched with shoes, bicycle wheels and other dirty objects. You will need them to be easy to clean.

Touch-ups and Wash-downs

Once your house painting is done you will need to do touch-ups on a regular basis. The bulk of the work that was done will be okay, but the ‘most used’ areas of your home will need to be touched up with some paint. The skirtings, doors and window sills are good examples. You will also want to make sure that you wash down your kitchen and bathroom walls at least once a year to avoid any grime build-up of any kind. So, be sure to include this step into your house painting planning.

Doing House Painting on the Exterior

While you are looking at the interior of your home most of the time, it is the exterior of your home that your guests see for the first time. As they say, first impressions last. This makes painting on the outside of your home important. However, most people do not know where to start.

How much Paint is enough?

This is the first major issue that most people run into. Some start with too little paint while others end up with too much paint left over after the entire project. It is important to get the help of a professional in this case. However, keep in mind that you want to cover the outside walls with at least 2 coats of paint, if not more. This part of the house painting process depends on the size of your home, and most of the time it comes down to either guess work, or very intricate calculations.

What Type of Paint for Exterior House Painting?

As you know, the outside of your home is subject to harsh elements. UV rays from the sun, in both Summer and Winter, heavy rain, snow (in some places), and wind, can harm your paint work gravely over time. This is why it is important to use the right type of paint on your walls. You want your outside walls to look good and be long lasting. The two, most used types of paints for this part of the home improvement process are cement-based paints and acrylic emulsion. Both are extremely durable and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions from really cold, to scorching hot, as well as heavy rain. Both of these paints are also resistant to algae, fungus and peeling.

Trimmings, Windows and Doors

Apart from the walls, the outside of your home may incorporate wood or metal in the trimming, window frames and doors. To make these features stand out after the home improvement process, you will want to make use of different coloured paint. These items will also need to be protected from the elements, so make sure to use the appropriate paint type.

Exterior House Painting Touch-ups and Wash-downs

With the heavy elements, your exterior walls tend to build up dirt and grime after a while. It is extremely important to wash your walls down on a regular basis. It is a good idea to add this step into your home improvement list of things to do before you start, so that you can plan for it in advance. Doors, window frames and trimmings may also need paint touch ups, so make sure that you plan for this as well.

Giving the inside, or the outside, of your home a new coat of paint is a lot of work, and it is very time consuming. Especially if removing the old paint is taken into consideration, a process that is highly recommended. This is why most people get the help of trained professionals. If you have any questions we’d be more than happy to have a chat – get in touch today.

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M. Phillips
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