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At Faraday and Kent we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a holistic painting and decorating service. We understand that home decorating is a personal process that takes time and commitment to get right. That’s why we take the time to discuss and truly understand your house decorating dreams and what you envisage for your home - and only then do we work tirelessly with you to achieve the perfect result.

Our interior painting and home decorating services include:

  • Colour schemes and house decorating advice
  • Gold leafing delete, texture coatings, faux finishes and other coatings
  • Internal painting to compliment external home painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Ongoing maintenance programs

Why choose Faraday and Kent as your painters and decorators?

As painters and decorators we differentiate ourselves from the rest through experience and service. Having completed over 30,000 homes in over 30 years, we are the team with the experience and the reputation you could only expect from the leading painters in the home decorating industry in Australia. To learn more about what our clients think of our passion and excellent results, visit our testimonials today.

Home Painting and Decorating

Why Hire Painting and Decorating Professionals

Are you planning on painting and decorating your new home or office or repainting and updating your home or office décor? Whatever it is that you are planning, it is important that you hire professionals to do the work for you. Many people have a feeling that it is a do-it-yourself job, but they find out later that it is not so and do not complete the work. Some of the benefits of using professional painters and decorators are as follows:

Professional painting and decorating contractors employ the right tools that a specific job requires. The job becomes less tedious when right kind of tools is used. They have the expertise to ensure a good finish and the awareness of the municipal regulations and codes that are in force in various areas. It is not possible to do a great job just because you have the tools with you. Experience does matter a lot. Professional painting and decorating companies will be able to provide the services of highly skilled labour. This is essential because these jobs require some preparation work to be carried out. Cleaning up after completing the jobs can be very tiresome. It may also involve handling heavy items with care without causing any kind of personal injury or damage to the home or office. Only professionals in the field will be able to select the right kind of colours and mix them as required to provide the specific effect you want to finally have. Skilled painters and decorators may be able to handle small repairs jobs themselves which you will have to organise separately.

If you are living or working in an old building, regular maintenance that includes painting and decorating is essential to keep the building in good shape and up to date. Many companies that provide painting services may also carry out decoration work at the time of doing the exterior and interior painting. These services may include providing metallic effect, colour matching, gold leafing, decorating children's room, furniture painting, colour consultancy, insurance repairs, etc.

It is worth hiring the services of professional painting and decorating contractors because they will carry out the work employing skilled workers who practice high standards of craftsmanship and provide a finish that makes all the difference.

How to Determine Painting and Decorating Costs

A well painted and decorated home or office gives not only a great feeling of happiness but also a lot of satisfaction. However, you need to exercise some caution as painting and decorating or repainting and redecorating costs can add up pretty fast. The last thing that you want to happen is finding yourself in a well decorated room with old paint or an elegantly painted room with out-dated décor. You can avoid such mishaps if you prepare a budget in consultation with professional painting and decorating contractors.
Determine the area of the walls to be painted, both interior and exterior. Count the number of doors and windows in the building and note down their sizes. Decide on the quality of the paint that you want to use for the walls as well as doors and windows. Get an idea of the quantity of paints required for painting the walls as well as doors and windows. Decide how you want to decorate each room in the building, including curtains, carpets or rugs, lighting and lamp shades, furniture, wall frames and any other thing that you want to have.

After working out your requirements in detail, you can get quotes from a few professional painting and decorating service providers. Once you get the quotes, evaluate them and negotiate with each of the service providers to ensure that they clearly understand your requirements and are offering their best prices to you. Another important thing that you have to check is whether the contractors are providing adequate insurance coverage to their employees who will be working in your building. This is essential to ensure that you do get stuck in liability issues. Ultimately, you can choose to employ the services of the contractor who best understands your needs and offers the optimum rates.

Painting and Decorating Trade Activities

In the past, a painter's responsibility included paint mixing and arranging pigments, thinners, oils and driers. However, the responsibility of the painter in the modern times includes surface preparation such as holes patching, applying masking tape, painting and cleaning up. In the earlier days, larger firms that provided the services were capable of performing many painting and decorating services. More recently, painting and decorating have evolved into more specialised services.

Painting and Decorating Hazards

It pays to be aware of the painting and decorating hazards as many people are forced to make emergency trips to hospitals because of accidents that happen when carrying out painting and decorating work. Accidents happen not only during the holiday season when major maintenance jobs are undertaken, but also during other times of the year. Awareness about potential hazards will help you to take necessary precautions and avoid accidents.

When undertaking painting of old buildings, you have to be careful as lead-based paints might have been used in them. These paints are highly toxic and it can cause problems for children. They may develop hearing problems, headaches, brain damage and behavioural or learning problem. Adults exposed to lead poisoning may develop high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, nerve disorders and reproductive problems.

Candles used as home décor accents can present a fire danger. Candles are also used for decorations during the holiday season. Extreme care should be exercised to avoid fires when using candles by extinguishing all candles that are lit before you leave a room or going to bed. You must also see to it that candles are kept away from items such as curtains that can catch fire easily.

The key aspect of painting and decorating is getting trained to do the job according to standards and obtaining generally accepted qualifications. However, many good decorators may not have any qualification. They usually learn the trade often starting out as a painters mate.
If you are considering painting your home or office then please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your options – we’d love to chat.

Our Work

Below is just some of the work we’ve done for our happy clients in Melbourne.

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M. Collins, Black Rock

I would like to express my appreciation…the work was carried out in such a professional manner.

M. Collins
Black Rock

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