Exterior House Colours

When it comes to choosing exterior house colours there are several things that are certainly worth considering rather than merely selecting the first one that you come across. Quite often the actual style of the building can have an influence on what will actually work well, however below are eight simple tips on how you can select the right exterior house colours for your home.

Bring back the past

If you live in a home that has a more traditional look, or is indeed genuinely old, then it can certainly be a good idea to consider using traditional exterior house colours. This can often involve doing some research on your part in order to see the colours that would have originally been used in your area and then look to replicate them on your own home or you may have signs of the traditional paint still existing in which case use that as your inspiration.

Look at other houses in the area

Exterior house colours can vary a great deal in a single area and it can often be inspiring to look at what other people are using around you. This can then help you to decide the colours that you would like to use yourself; however, do be aware that in some areas there could be restrictions on the exterior house colours that are allowed to be used in order to maintain the overall look of the area. Try to get your house to blend in rather than being the eyesore of the area.

Consider the entire structure

In order to get inspiration with exterior house colours it is often a good idea to look at the whole of the building and the colours that appear in it. This means look at the roof, the slates being used, draw inspiration from the space around your house and the colours that appear there in order to get something that ties in with colours that already exist.

Get inspiration from the interior

Look at colours that tend to be used in your interior and see if any of them inspire you when it comes to selecting exterior house colours. You may have an item that you love which has a certain shade in it so look to see if this would make the perfect colour for the outside in order to really give everything a harmonious feel to it. Take the item outside and think about how it would look on your house in order to see if the idea still appeals to you or not.

White can influence the size

A number of people believe that when it comes to exterior house colours that white is really just used when people have run out of ideas; however, this is not the case. Instead, white is a fantastic colour to use if your house is smaller than those near you as it does play a trick on the eye and makes it look bigger than it actually is. You will also find that it is going to last longer than other colours as well because it reflects the sunlight better than other shades meaning repainting as often is no longer an issue. Finally, white is of course a traditional colour and it is quite formal so for some people this can be the perfect colour for their home.

Dark can draw the eye

Exterior house colours should not just focus on the main one for the majority of the house, but you should also look at using different colours to really highlight certain features. Dark colours are ideal for this job, which is why you should use them if you have certain architectural features that you would like to draw the eye towards such as an ornate doorway or windows. If you have any recessed panels, then dark exterior house colours will make them appear smaller and you can then highlight other parts near it with lighter colours. In reference to the point made above about white and the sunlight it is worth pointing out that dark exterior house colours will fade quite quickly so look at avoiding using them as the main colour.

Consider using different colours

It is important to have a clear understanding as to how many exterior house colours you can actually get away with using before the house becomes too garish. How many depends upon the style of the house as the simpler it is, then generally the fewer colours, but this is where looking at other homes in the area will really help you. One thing you may wish to do is begin nice and simple and then build up the number of exterior house colours that are being used bit by bit through highlighting certain features and see how it looks before thinking about adding a third or even fourth colour.

Use colour tools to help with your decision

These tools are not only for the interior as you should also use them to get some inspiration for exterior house colours. Look at picking up some sample tubs and try them out on chips that exist in the current paintwork in order to get some kind of an idea about how well it could work as a main colour. This is much better than painting it on a piece of card and trying to decide as exterior paint colours will often look entirely different when the sunlight is shining on it and you certainly do not want to pick various exterior house colours, get the job done, and then hate it once it is complete. Taking your time to select the colour is perhaps the most important part of this entire job.

So those are just eight simple tips on how to choose exterior house colours that will be perfect for your home. Do just remember to take your time whilst thinking about it and do consult various experts to help you with your decision to make it far more likely that you will love the colour you pick and know in advance that it will look perfect on your house.

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